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Colorado Youth Referee Certification
Open to high school students and adults for the March 4th training!


In order to officiate youth games for the Spring 2018 season, all officials will be required to be US Lacrosse certified. 

There are two training dates for new officials and those entering their 2nd season…you will need to attend only one in class session…

January 28th or March 4th – 10 am to 4:30 pm at Denver University

(Check-in begins at 9:30am)

New Officials of any age and lesser experienced officials who are in high school must complete the following steps…


Certification involves the following steps:
Step 1: Register and pay online for the January 28th referee training session ($45) here: https://leagueathletics.com/Registration/Default.asp?n=78733&org=CYLA.US

  • (Registration for the March 4th training session will open in February)


Step 2: Join USLacrosse as an 'official' at http://www.uslacrosse.org 

  • If you are already a member of US Lacrosse as a player, call their membership service department and add officiating to your membership. 


Step 3: Complete US Lacrosse on-line training PRIOR to attending classroom session.

  • Prior to attending classroom session, complete US Lacrosse on-line training. (Directions for the on-line training are found on Officials tab on the Home page.)  Once you have renewed your US Lacrosse membership, you will have access to this training on-line. You MUST complete this course prior to attending the DU session. Upon completing of the course, you must print off your certificate of completion and bring it with you to the classroom session


Step 4: Attend March 4th at DU Sturm Hall, room 451 from 10:00am to 4:30pm

Check in begins at 9:30am

  • This session will include a review of all pertinent rules, field mechanics and taking the US Lacrosse test.


Step 5: Complete the 2018 Boys Youth Rule Test and High School test by clicking here:



Step 6:  New officials who have never worked a game must shadow experienced officials for two games (without pay).  Once the two games have been worked, you will begin to receive payment.

  • This Certification will be directed by a US Lacrosse certified trainer, and will include several RMLOA experienced training officials


Minimum age requirement is a high school student.

Items to complete and bring to the training:

  • Join US Lacrosse as an OFFICIAL (You can also include being a player.)
  • Complete the Online training course at: http://learning.uslacrosse.org/ and bring your copy of the completion certificate.
  • Pay for the training course online at: http://cyla.us/Page.asp?n=76687&org=CYLA.US
    • Remember your rulebooks
    • Bring your Lunch
    • Pen/Pencil
    • Something to take notes on...for officiating
    • Water